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The Production Process

After a meeting to thoroughly explore your particular situation, our staff begins to assemble all of the pieces of the production puzzle, customizing the production elements to your needs:

bulletMeetings to determine the audience and message for your new video, and determine the best type of video meeting your specifications and budget
bulletWrite a script, detailing video, audio, and titling
bulletDevelop a shot list based on the script
bulletSchedule shooting based on shot list
bulletAcquire professional narration, if needed
bulletEdit the video and audio together, along with any titling and music from our buy-out library
bulletReview the finished video with you and determine any changes to be made
bulletDecide how to deliver your new video (DVD, VHS, Web streaming, Video-CD...)
bulletDecide how to package your new video (custom printed cases, cardboard cases...)

Of course, some projects combine or don't include some steps, but this can give you an idea of what is involved.  And each step is approved by you before proceeding to the next step.

Our experienced producers and staff allow you the freedom to participate in the process as much or as little as you desire. However you participate, we will coordinate all aspects of your production.


Digital Editing Options

Any combination of these options, plus others not listed, can be used in assembling your video on our digital editing suite computer system:

bulletSection titles and music can be used to tie the production together. 
bulletCut-away shots are incorporated throughout the production to show detail.
bulletVideo inserts can be used to show action or detail while the narrator or overview is playing in the background.
bulletTitles and graphics can show statistics, outline key thoughts, provide graphical comparisons, and highlight other important points.

By combining titles with video, graphics, charts, and other visuals the retention level of the audience is boosted.  Opening and closing titles and music inform and set the mood for the program.