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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Videographer

Many factors are very important in choosing a producer, scriptwriter, videographer, editor and duplicator, such as:

bulletYou must get along personally with the people involved
bulletBe sure you meet the actual people who will work with you from scripting through production, editing, and DVD production
bulletAt AM Video Productions, Inc. we will assign you a team that will remain with you throughout your project

Below we supply some details to help you judge the equipment.


We Have the Best Equipment!

The Best Cameras!

We use multiple 3-CCD (or 3-chip) all-digital Canon XL1 cameras. 

bulletBecause it has 3 CCD chips, the color and detail is muchxl1-219x175.gif (8422 bytes) better than other cameras.  Some tests show better results than BetaSP, especially when dropouts and editing losses are considered.
bulletThe special Canon lens lets us zoom close or wide as needed for your shoot (close-up of a small product, wide to show your entire facility...)
bulletWe can use up to four remote microphones and capture their digital audio directly on the same digital tape as the video.  This lets us have more options easily and quickly available.
bulletUsing two cameras, we can have up to eight separate audio streams, if needed.


The Best Wireless Microphones!

We use multiple, high quality, professional wireless Samson microphones.

bulletWe can put a small, unobtrusive wireless microphone onSamson um1.jpg (12136 bytes) the speakers, as needed.  For many people and situations, this is much better than having to worry about wired mics.
bulletBecause of the special features of the Canon XL1 camera, we can get eight totally separate channels of sound with the video.
bulletDuring editing, we can choose the best audio track(s) for each particular scene.
bulletWired microphones are also available, depending on the shooting situation.


Varied Selection of High-Quality Buy-Out Music to Exactly Fit Your Production

Whether you need a high impact, driving score for your product, or a dreamy mood, we can find just the right type of tracks that are needed to get the exact mood for your new production.


The Best All-Digital Editing!

We use all-digital editing throughout your production.   Using a Canopus editing system, we can preserve the video and audio quality through all edits, effects, and transitions.

bulletAll video and audio is transferred directly from the digital master to the digital editor disk, preserving all of your image and sound.
bulletAll footage is artistically edited into the type of production you want, all on the disk.
bulletYour DVD, Web Streaming, Video-CD, or VHS copies are created directly from the digital edited master on disk, preserving all the detail and digital sound!


We Can Also Use Other Equipment to Produce Your Video

Even though the following equipment may not be directly used to acquire, edit and deliver your video to you, it is nevertheless important depending on the type and exact script and shooting locations for your video.

bulletVideographer Communicators:  We use personal communicators to synchronize our shots and movements.  If necessary, we can use these communicators while we continue to  listen to stereo headphones to ensure the quality of the audio for your video remains superb.
bulletHigh Quality Tripods:   Though often taken for granted, the Bogen tripods we use are also state of the art, fluid-head, smoothly operating, essential components of most videos.
bulletSpotlights and Floods:  We can light whatever the script calls for!
bulletVariable Intensity Video Light:  Even though we often do not use our variable video light atminifillanimation2.gif (36920 bytes) all, it is important to have it available.  Since we use a professional Frezzi Dimmer Mini-light, we can add the exact amount of light necessary to get a shot in cramped quarters where using our normal spotlights and/or floods is not feasible.
bulletMultiple Battery Packs:  We bring sufficient battery power to record all day if necessary, including any extra surprises!   Using small, light, on-camera batteries we can cover a shooting situation without concern for losing power.
bulletHigh Quality Video Projector:  If you decide to create a special video (for example, a highlight video of your conference or training session, or training or motivation videos to be shown at the conference), you can choose to project it on our nine-foot screen.  We use a high quality Video Projector to show your story, leaving an indelible impression of your event!



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