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Specializing in:

bulletTraining Tapes
bulletYou spend time and money saying the same thing over and over again
bulletMake a video to train your employees instead
bulletGet assurance that employees heard what you wanted every time
bulletSeminars & Conferences
bulletIt is very expensive to send everyone to your seminars & conferences
bulletOften shot on-site in a classroom style environment
bulletOverhead transparencies, computer presentations, and other multimedia are typically used to support the discussion
bulletSingle or multiple cameras can be used to provide the desired coverage
bulletWe can provide full video and audio support for seminars, including microphones for the speakers
bulletPut it on video and have your employees view it
bulletThey can proceed at their own speed, not the seminar's
bulletYou get better, verified, trained employees
bulletProduct / Service Demos
bulletShow how to use your product
bulletDemonstrate why your potential customers need your service
bulletLegal Matters
bulletToday's consumer is best persuaded by video
bulletCustomers believe video because they can "see" it themselves
bulletSpecial Events
bulletHave us video your celebration
bulletEvent videos are useful for documenting important events and can be distributed to the entire company for information, morale boosting, etc. 
bulletAward ceremonies, sales incentive trips, annual shareholder meetings are great examples. 
bulletSeeing their fellow sales people enjoying a free trip to a posh resort can make underperformers work harder next year! 
bulletReinforce corporate goals and achievements by videotaping your next corporate function.
bulletCombine footage throughout the year for a year-end video, or celebrate your company's anniversary with a video montage incorporating historical photos and present-day video.
bulletShow the video on our 9-foot screen at the end of the event
bulletUnite your employees to increase productivity
bulletVideo Brochures
bulletCorporate Video Profiles
bulletPresentation Video


Please email or call 1 (434) 9video1  or  1 (434) 984-3361  for prices and to discuss possible options in conveying your special message!